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A BAD ASS CLASS, cultivating serious skills in movement, sound, and language starting from a foundation of mindfulness, non-judgement, energy kapow, and play as an opportunity to step into something bigger, YOU. We will get out of our own way, to allow the sublimely beautiful to flow through with precision and grace.

All Y'all

  • interested in awakening new parts of themselves and finding personal transformation through play
  • looking for a way to cultivate a friendly mind and work effectively with the doubting, second-guessing, inhibiting mind
  • who want to feel a more profound sense of embodiment
  • want to work toward living the biggest versions of themselves on and off the dance floor/stage
  • want the freedom of play to integrate into their everyday lives
  • looking to find a reliable and sustainable relationship to intuitive listening
  • who would like to live an authentic life
  • wanting to improve your ability to listen (the key to everything, I mean EVERYthing)
  • who would like to court joy on a daily basis

Seasoned Improvisors and Dancers

  • who want to expand their skill-set and find a more sustainable relationship with self-trust and flow

  • who want to integrate fluidly sound and language into their improvisational work

  • who are looking to hone skills and create improvised work that feels articulate, tight, and powerful

  • will find new ways of moving

  • break old movement and thought patterns and advance work to a new level


  • who like to play with movement and would like to learn structure and definition with skilled improvisation
  • want a friendly and intuition-based way to learn the basics of physical theater improvisation

Performance Arts (actors, dancers, performance artists, storytellers, circus artists, musicians)

  • looking to deepen awareness and find greater flow on stage

  • wanting to cultivate a most powerful presence (literally)

  • create new pathways of creativity and more articulated skills

  • unlock creative flow



  • extensive study in modern dance, post-modern dance, creative process and movement improvisation, and contact improvisation
  • decades of study, practice, teaching, and performing a physical theater form based in Action Theater
  • 2.5 years of study and teacher-assisting : theater and dance at Naropa Institute
  • systemic (family) constellation facilitator
  • years of study in the transformational arts
  • many years of performing both set work and physical theater - movement improvisation in San Francisco around the U.S.

WORDS from Former Participants

"Some of the exercises in Marielle's workshops are life strategies I use for years afterward."      
"Marielle knows how to see where I'm hung up and magically unsnag me."
"Her classes are not the usual movement class. She asks a lot, in that asking, she makes the space for you to expand into a self you didn't know you could be."
"My choreography improved greatly as a result of her classes. There is a rigor, a precision, and a calling forth of wildness that brought me to a new place."


APRIL 13 (no class April 27)  - MAY 25
WEDNESDAYS 5:30 - 7:30
The FLOWJO, Carrboro

HOW MUCH :   $180

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Questions? Call me 919-960-6197 or email me at