An elegantly simple format, Constellation Haiku was created to function as a condensed and potent version of systemic constellations. By drawing on our innate wisdom of movement and play, we are able to engage with archetypal energies and find our way to clarity and resolution. The insight and wisdom that is set into motion in a constellation continues to unfold over time. 

Those who have worked with Marielle using Constellation Haiku have reported that it is a fun way to get to the core of an issue, find lucidity, and tap into a resource of inner power and knowledge.

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The idea (rather fact) that there are parallel universes and we have parallel lives is what inspired this workshop. We will play with exploring a new story, choosing our literal and figurative soundtrack, making decisions about where our story goes. We allow for spontaneous shifts, quantum leaps toward bigness, toward love.

This workshop takes play seriously.

 Picture it: You. Center Stage. Inhabiting your life in a sweetly EPIC way. 

Ecstatic Feast workshop brings together all of the other workshops into one big experience of transformational magic. It is designed to amplify and sustain our ability to live our biggest life. This sounds huge. And miraculous. And when you bring your full self to this experience, it is. I believe that creativity and intuition are our direct hookups to the divine or sacred. We will engage in playful and profound exercises that lead us to an embodied experience of our innate creativity and intuition we can count on.

Ecstatic Feast is designed to cultivate sustainable intuition, unleash creative spirit, foster compassionate collaboration and leadership, deepen awareness of the present moment, and expand our capacity for brilliance, joy, and trust.

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