You have gifts very specific to you.

Gifts the world needs.

The Ecstatic Feast workshop is an embodied experience designed to put us in direct touch with our greatest selves. By greatest self, I refer a self that has an extraordinary capacity for love and the freedom to act on our most true and wildest dreams. This is also the self that has an extraordinary capacity to just be, a capacity for peace and resilient inner strength. This sounds huge. And miraculous. And when you bring your full self to this experience, it is.

We will go through clear processes that enable you to clarify what these gifts are and how to put them to use.

We will learn how to recognize when we are in and out of alignment. Through improvisational structures, we will use play as a way to access a physical experience of our intuition, our essence, and our creativity. Approaching transformation through the body allows for us to come at shift through experience as opposed to a concept or idea. Once we've had an experience of something, as opposed to understanding the idea of it, we are able to better and more efficiently integrate into our lives.

We will take advantage of the tangible and powerful dynamic of working in person and in a collective experience. Being witnessed and witnessing transformation is powerful, enlivening, and creates exponential shift.

There is typically a part of us that feels safe staying the same, a part of us that does not want to change. If this is not addresses with kindness and clarity we inevitably revert back to a familiar version of ourselves. 

We will pursue kind and effective ways to dissolve old stories, social, personal, and familial conditioning, and the mind's destructive chatter so that effective change can truly take hold. 

We will engage in playful and profound exercises that lead us to an embodied experience of our innate creativity and our intuitive brilliance. I believe that creativity and intuition are our direct hookups to our divine nature: our essential, powerful, and deeply confident selves. Creativity comes in many forms : an elegant math equation, gardening, performance, writing, solving just about any problem. If we are able to tap into our highest creative functioning, we are able to access our life force.

Ecstatic Feast allows us to live fully in the intersection of creativity and intuition, pleasure and work, power and vulnerability.

We are re-calibrated.