Jim Adams NASA Deputy Chief Technologist (retired)

Jim Adams NASA Deputy Chief Technologist (retired)

The workshop designed for NASA has been a vital part in shaping our new agenda around innovation and creativity. Encouraging leaders and innovators to develop an integrated skill set is crucial to unlocking the creativity we will need in the next space age. Engineering alone will not be sufficient to solve the problems we face as humans move beyond Earth, problem solving techniques that use the whole brain will be necessary.  Jim Adams, NASA Deputy Chief Technologist (retired)

Leadership, Creativity, and Innovation Trainings :

Moving from a conceptual idea to an experiential understanding is invaluable as businesses navigate a new paradigm toward wholeness, innovation, and networked leadership. Innovation and design-thinking, empathy and cooperation, intuition and empowered leadership cannot be outsourced. As we move deeper into our ever-changing technological world, our essential humanness is our compass to greatness, our most valuable asset, our imperative to survive.

Change happens more rapidly and is more easily integrated when it happens through an embodied experience. If an organization is to keep ahead of the complex and changing marketplace, it must take to heart that every person within their organization must be moving toward their potential. Because we are complex multi-dimensional beings, our potential can only be realized through a whole-brain, whole-being approach.

With backgrounds in the arts, design, organizational development, improvisational theater, and entrepreneurship, we are able to innovate original out-of-the-box strategies to get you where you need to go.

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