I work with high-level leadership, artists and entrepreneurs in order to bring them into 100% alignment with themselves.

What this means is drilling deep down and distilling your very particular offering to the world.

This is step one. 

After that, we work to constantly align you to your unique offering. This means aligning your choices and actions to your fundamental gifts and core values.

What I do is not conventional or standardized or predictable.

My insight is powerful and I quickly guide my clients to be in touch with their deepest most fundamental selves. If we are not working from that level, the journey is pointless. We might as well drive in circles, which can be lovely, and comfortably predictable, but obviously goes nowhere. 

I have been called a Creativity Coach, a Magician, a Truth Seer.

My focus is different for every client. Creativity, intuitive understanding, and emotional intelligence are my currency. I listen intently and am able to articulate and design pathways that open new ways of leading, doing business, and ultimately living a fulfilling life.

I am able to see your blindspots and shine a light to guide you out. However, it is important to say that no change happens without the client’s work. My clients do not want me to fix them or imagine there’s some kind of magic bullet. I will give my clients everything they need, but ultimately putting in the work (which is generally fun, satisfying, and interesting) is what will create sustainable change.

I specialize in :

  • progressive models of leadership
  • innovative and paradigm-shifting expressions of power
  • opening up to and cultivating creativity
  • system-related change

We all need help. When you have someone (me) with a laser focus on moving you forward, seeing the blindspots, designing a plan unique to who you are, you will get results. 

Once you have hired me, I constantly strategize for your greatness. My brain doesn’t stop. That’s great news for my clients, because while I’m walking my dog, making dinner, floating in the river, ideas and insights are coming to me. I am constantly tracking your course toward a powerfully fulfilling work and life.

What I ask for:

You : All IN.

Do what you say you'll do. 

Be willing to see and move beyond known and self-imposed limits.

Are you ready to go somewhere new?

Let’s go.

HOURLY: $225 /hr

MONTHLY: $2000 - $3000

Email with any questions, I'm happy to answer.

If you are an artist, small business owner, or work for a non-profit, and these rates are out of your range, contact me anyway .. go ahead, be brave.