on my walk with oona this morning

in the middle of the road 

was a broken beginning of a tree branch

in the wild rain last night 

it must’ve broken off

it was soft, tender, new

the leaves had not yet unfurled


it made me think about new ideas

new projects



sometimes it may be useful to keep them protected for a while

and by protected

for me

i mean private, quiet, gestating

give them the time they need to unfurl

to establish roots before they are exposed to the world


just toying with this notion


i have both a visionary and a detailed step by step mind

so i tend to have that whole


unfurled, grown, making tree friends

creating tree networks

creating a consortium for new ways to protect their roots

a creative campaign that involves



it becomes a global movement

and then that tender idea

is spent

it grew up before its time


i am going to play with the notion

of holding some ideas close

nurturing them tenderly



even privately


not every idea will be born

i have way too many ideas for that


i like the idea of holding it softly

it’s new

it’s tender

it may or may not make it

and that doesn't really matter

it's about tenderness, spaciousness

as a way of holding something