The 100 Day Project

24 days ago I joined the lovely and talented Elle Luna and The Great Discontent's Instagram exciting challenge: The 100 Day Project. Because I'm a math wizard, I can tell you that I am 24% into my project, and  I'm L O V I N G it.

I committed to making a Vididitty ( a wee little video) a day for, yep, 100 days. This has pushed me to tap into something for which I've been longing. It has pushed me to make something and share it even when my small self (that self invested in playing it safe and remaining invisible) made up excuses of why I couldn't or shouldn't complete my daily Vididitty. It has also connected me to a new community of talented, generous, fun, lovely people.

This project is in conjunction with Elle's launch of her book, The Crossroads of Should and Must.

The timing is very synchronistic for me. My life is speaking to me, and I am listening.

I'm feeling grateful for this big world wide web and creative souls like Elle.