photo: Thaddeus Watkins

Hi, I’m Marielle.

I’m a Creative Alchemist : a coach, workshop facilitator, content creator and artist 

What I do:

With a background in organizational systems, entrepreneurship, the arts, design, improvisational theater, I innovate original out-of-the-box strategies to get you or your company where you need to go. These strategies come in the form of workshops, experiences and events, and one-on-one consultations.

I have developed precise and light-hearted methods that bring people more deeply into their essential selves. 

What I believe:

I fervently believe that we all have the capacity to live fully in the intersections of creativity and intuition, pleasure and work, power and vulnerability. I believe that all of these ingredients are necessary to be whole and wildly powerful.

I believe that we need to learn to listen to our bodies. Change happens more rapidly and is more easily integrated when it happens through an embodied experience. If an organization is to keep ahead of the complex and changing marketplace, it must take to heart that every person within their organization must be moving toward their potential. Because we are complex multi-dimensional beings, our potential can only be realized through a whole-brain, whole-being approach. 

Who I Work With:

I work with people who want a better life, a better business, a better world. 

My coaching and marketing services focuses on entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the challenges that one has to face in order to grow a business. I became most excited about owning a business when I realized the direct correlation between my own growth and the growth of the business. We are actually in control of our own growth, and as we expand into new and more powerful versions of ourselves, our businesses in turn are able to grow.

I work with companies that have an interest in innovation, whole-mind whole-being approaches, and the understanding that if you are standing still, you are behind.

My content creation spans a wide field of clients. I am able to take your content ( a book, a meeting, a powerpoint presentation) and turn it into a physical experience. The benefit of this is substantially greater engagement, more profound insights, and a deeper and more enduring understanding of the material.

Why :

By engaging our creativity, embodied experience, and whole-brain thinking we are able to access the pathways to sustainable change and vibrant lives. Understanding that we are interconnected, part of something bigger, through our work, we cultivate an abiding respect for ourselves, community, and the environment. I believe that these are essential ingredients for building a thriving life, organization, and society. This is a world in which I want to live. So, I work to make it so.

Some background :

I grew up in Atlanta, GA. I was allowed to roam free, without a helmet, making my own “play-dates”, organizing the neighbors in epic games and performances. 

This freedom defined me.

I went to school in North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It was there that I learned what it was like to fall in love with land, to feel deeply connected, and a profound sense of home. 

After college, I wandered a lot. 

By constant seeking I left no stone unturned internally nor in the outer landscape.

I found my second feeling of home in San Francisco. I worked as a performing artist and dance/improvisation teacher and eventually started a design business. One of the greatest loves and accomplishments of my life was running Loop Event Arts in San Francisco. We offered complete event design, floral, and interior design. We created beautiful environments that were palpably soulful and created a feeling that made people take notice.

During a visit to North Carolina, she called me back. I have lived in the beautiful woods by the mighty (not really, but people say that) Haw River outside of Chapel Hill. I live with my two favorite mammals, my husband and my dog. At this point, ancestry searches revealed that I have family dating back to the late 1700s in NC. No wonder I had such a sense of belonging.

My body told me of this belonging. There’s so much the mind doesn’t know.

After moving to NC, in 2010, I trained in systemic constellations, began coaching small businesses, and facilitating workshops for individuals and larger agencies. I also reignited my love of photography (the art of seeing and being with), began dancing more and making art of all kinds. 

I look forward to every new adventure ... 

whether it be a new client, designing a workshop for NASA, creating an experiential marketing campaign for the Hawaii Tourism bureau, or making art in the woods by the mighty Haw.

More about my work over here :